The history of Corvette TLC and owner, Dan Tewell...

Repairing, restoring and modifying
Corvettes since 1978

I've completed collision repair and a complete refinish of my 67 Corvette on weekends while I was a union carpenter. In 1977, the local construction trade was quite slow. A close fried had a 1969 big block Corvette he needed painted, and after seeing my 67, wanted me to paint his. After I did his, another friend wanted his painted and so on. It was then that I decided to turn my skills into a business. Thus Corvette TLC was born and I've never looked back.


I provide a wide range of services


  • Restoration or restomod
  • Body on or off
  • Frame modifications, structural and/or refinishing


  • Stripping of old paint
  • Repair scratches, stress cracks, "Urethane" bumpers
  • Panel replacement with stock style or custom
  • Wheel flares, custom hoods, ground effects, wings etc


  • Reseal fiberglass or metal
  • Stock colors or change of color
  • Refinish engine compartment

Suspension and Brakes

  • Complete rebuild with stock component
  • Upgrade with modern components